About Us

What makes The Pet Nanny so uniquely different from other pet care services?

You can request service with only one hour notice between 10 am - 10 pm, 7 days a week, with no additional charge. So if you're one of those busy professionals whose schedule changes last minute, we're here for you. We also offer personal assistant duties while taking care of your pets. We never mix your pets with other families' pets. We truly personalize our service to meet your individual needs.

Sherie "Sky" Rogers

Sherie "Sky" Rogers is the founder of The Pet Nanny,

a Southern California pet care company offering 24 hour VIP service.

Sky was born on the East Coast and soon after moved to Southern California where she was raised and has resided for most of her life. Sky founded The Pet Nanny in 2004 and has enjoyed great success in caring for animals in the San Fernando Valley/LA area. Prior to starting The Pet Nanny, Sky worked in the entertainment & real estate industries, so she understands the importance of your personal privacy, and the safety of your animals and your home.

The Pet Nanny began out of Sky's passion for animals. Sky grew up with many different animals, including dogs, cats, birds (Parakeets, Love Parrots and African Greys), fish, rabbits, and even hermit crabs and turtles. She spent many years working with animal rescues and charities. Sky spent a year in Africa, where she was fortunate to see wild animals up close in their natural habitat. That experience gave her a new respect and love for all animals, and the ability to care for many different types of them. Being responsible, caring and nurturing with animals has always come naturally to her.

Steven C. Nelson

My Name is Steven Nelson. I was born in San Diego and moved to Los Angeles to pursue my acting career. I've been a working actor for 15 years, and have worked with Sky Rogers' The Pet Nanny since she started the company. I grew up with cats, dogs, birds and horses, and have always had a special bond with them. Right now I have a Boston Terrier named Napoleon that I adore, so I understand what it takes to be responsible and care for your animals as well. The Pet Nanny takes wonderful care of animals, and I'm proud to be a part of Sky's team.

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