Dog Walking With the Right Leash

It's important to choose the right leash when training your dog. A four to six-foot leash is perfect for most dogs. A comfortable, breathable walking harness is a good choice as well. With large dogs, you should use a shorter leash to have better control of your dog. Keep the leash close to you and have your dog stay by your side. With smaller dogs, you can use a longer leash or a retractable leash, but it is important to start off your dog walking training by keeping them close to you while they learn to go at your pace and respond to your directions.

When it comes to walking your dog, most people walk too slowly to provide useful aerobic benefits. An APOP survey learned that the average pace that dog owners walk their dogs is 22 minutes per mile. This rate is too slow for any but the tiniest of dogs. If you increase your pace to 130 to 140 steps per minute (count your left or right foot 15 to 18 times in 15 seconds), most will be in an aerobic range. As you reach this rate, you dog's focus should move away from every bush and squirrel, and shift to the space up ahead. If you or your dog walker is looking ahead and maintaining a steady pace, the dog will swiftly follow your lead and fall in line.

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