Exercising Your Cat's Body & Mind

Cats don't jog, and don't even like to walk much. What can you do for your cat's fitness routine? Cats love to sprint, leap, climb and pounce, so try these exercises to engage both body and mind.

  1. Jump High & Low: Add a pinch of tuna or salmon to a small amount of your cat's food in a bowl. Place the bowl on a high surface, such as a counter or table, and encourage your cat to jump up to get it. Allow your cat to have a small amount of the treat, then return the bowl to the floor and repeat the exercise several times. If you plan this exercise at mealtime, you won't add extra calories to your pet's regular diet.
  2. Lasers and Cat Toys: Most cats will chase a remote-controlled or talking car or toy. Choose toys that do not have small parts, and one that is also strong enough to stand up to bites and paw strikes. Do not admonish your cat if the toy gets destroyed... it's all meant to be fun. Also, many cats love to chase lasers. Several minutes a day playing with a laser can provide physical exercise to improve your pet's health.
  3. Where's the Food?: Divide your cat's food into small bowls and let your cat watch you hide the bowls in the house. You cat will hunt for the bowls throughout the day, and will get even the most obese cats up on their feet!
  4. Cat Sitting Instructions: Make sure the cat sitter you hire for out of town trips is licensed and insured, and is available to play these games and exercises with your cat while you are gone. A stimulated cat will be a calmer and more behaved cat when you return.

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