Oscar & Nora

Sky has been our trusted pet sitter for the last 5 years, and we couldn't be happier!

We are continually impressed by her level of professionalism and care for our two cats. She is meticulous, respectful of household routines, and she easily handles our cat's special needs. We can't tell you how many medications we've needed her to administer, how many oddly located water bowls she's refreshed, or how much time she's spent rubbing Oscar's belly (his favorite spot!). Sky really goes the extra mile to make sure both we and our cats feel comfortable during our absences. Whenever she comes over to review any new instructions, our cats immediately come out to greet her! Sky clearly loves animals and our cats adore her right back. When we go out of town, we have the peace of mind that our cats are well cared for. We couldn't recommend her more highly!

Jessica and Jared Crain - Van Nuys, CA

Baby Bear & Willy

I have been using The Pet Nanny for almost 4 years and I would not even think of using any other pet sitting service.

Sky is very knowledgeable and caring with my 2 cats. She goes above and beyond to make sure my cats are safe and happy. There have been times when I have had to extend my trip, and Sky has gone out of her way to buy extra food for them. She welcomes any texts/phone calls to check on your pet. Things are perfect every time I return home. They have plenty of food/water, and the litter box is always clean. I never worry about my cats when I am gone. Sky takes pet sitting to a higher level. She takes her job very serious and is genuinely concerned about the safety and happiness of your pet. Sky is very trustworthy and screens her employees very intensely. I completely trust her and her staff in my home while I am away. I highly recommend The Pet Nanny. Your pet will thank you!

Heidi Collier RN, MSN, FNP - Glendale, CA


We've been using The Pet Nanny for over 3 years and they've been a life saver to us!

With our busy schedules, that are constantly changing, it's great to know we can count on Sky and her team to be there, whenever we need them, even last minute! Our furry children love Sky and her staff! And we have peace of mind, knowing we have the best people to take care of them!

Brittany, Chris & Baby Lua - North Hollywood, CA

Pinky & Fonzie

"The Pet Nanny" goes above and beyond

We have used "The Pet Nanny "and Sherie "Sky" Rogers to watch our rambunctious French and English Bulldogs Fonzie, Pinky, and Chachi, for several years now and could not be happier. My wife and I are very busy professionals, my wife works in the movie industry and I own my own legal consulting business. Needless to say things around here can get quite busy at our house. That is why we rely on "The Pet Nanny" to ensure our four legged loved ones are well taken care of.

Sherie has a great staff and I can rely on her that the dogs and my home are well taken care of and secure. On of the best services she offers is the ability to come by and check in on the dogs at a moments notice. As you can expect sometimes you have to work late or unexpectedly get called out of town. I am confident my animals are well cared for.

"The Pet Nanny" goes above and beyond in their home services not only caring for the Dogs but sometimes the Birds and the fish as well. We have enjoyed using "The Pet Nanny" and I hope you do to.

Ross & Tanya Baron - Burbank, CA


Our Pet Nanny, Sky, is like a third parent ľas well as a weekly daytime pal-to our 16-year-old Beagle puppy, Presto.

We found Sky just after Presto's lifetime companion, Lucky, passed and we were afraid he would get lonely during the work week. Right away we were introduced to Sky's sense of responsibility. She and her assistant, Tom, came to our home to meet us and Presto before the first paid visit, and she asked every question we would never have thought of: about Presto's health and vet contacts, our daily schedules, Presto's likes and dislikes, where to find paper towels, etc. It was great to know that all the bases were covered. Since then, Sky has been reliable, easy to reach, flexible with her schedule when needed, careful with our home, and considerate of our privacy. The only way I can tell Sky has been by is that Presto is contently more tuckered out when he greets me at the door in the evening, and his tennis balls are rearranged. Peter and I enthusiastically recommend our Pet Nanny to anyone who needs a helping hand with their pet.

Eric & Peter - North Hollywood, CA

Reese & Buster

I can't say enough great things about Sky and her staff!

We LOVE to travel but I HATE leaving our dogs. I'm probably the most paranoid mom ever and am always worried about my dogs when I leave. Especially living in an apartment with 2 big dogs and knowing they need to get out a lot to go potty! With Sky, I know I don't have to worry and I can't tell you what a RELIEF that is!!! I know she's so good about their schedule and I know that they are getting a lot of love and attention on top of the walks and feeds! They are the best and it's so nice to be able to count on trustworthy, great people!"

Kelle & Michael - North Hollywood, CA

Sheba & Fargo

I can recommend without reservation, Sky and the pet people she has working for her.

Whether we are going away for a night or a couple of weeks we depend on Sky to take care of our two (very spoiled) dogs. Her people are kind, conscientious and reliable - they even water my garden for me! My girl dog Sheba has epilepsy and her caregivers administer her drugs along with her food and drink. Sheba is deathly afraid of cameras so I don't have a photo of her but I did make a pencil sketch that should give you some idea what a princess she is! Don't hesitate to call Sky for all your pet care needs - She's the best!

Phil & Patti Groves - Van Nuys, CA

Sherlock & Dudley

I'm so fortunate to have found Sky & The Pet Nanny.

It's so comforting to know that my two puggles are always well taken care of when I'm away. They just love Sky and she treats them with such kindness and love that I'm not sure they want me to come home!!! My dogs sometimes shy away from strangers, but they fell in love with Sky the first time they met her. I think dogs know when someone really cares about them and would never harm them. Thank you so much Sky for being such a great nanny for my pups!!!

Robyn - Studio City, CA


We have used the Pet Nanny for years, and we feel so lucky to know Sherie and her staff.

We confidently call The Pet Nanny knowing our dog Max will be in amazing hands. We have always come home to a very happy dog, and we love knowing he's with the best of care in his very own home. We highly recommend using the Pet Nanny...and we know our dog Max does, too.

By the way, our fish, Crimson Tide, adores them as well.

Sean and Robin Spence - Burbank, CA

Bonnie & Montana

I don't think there is a task out there they couldn't handle

I have been using Sky and her team (The Pet Nanny) for a little over a year now and I can't say enough good things about them. They are truly unique in the services they provide and the value they represent. As a Business owner I work long hours and sometimes get stuck downtown where I know I won't be able to get home in time for Montana and Bonnie. Thankfully, Sky is always responsive to my calls, and willing to jump in and help at a moments notice. In addition to the animals needs, Sky and her team have come through on a variety of other unrelated tasks with flying colors. From the ridiculous to the sublime, I don't think there is a task out there they couldn't handle, which makes my life so much easier.

Shari Bender - Studio City, CA

Mr. Fuzzy

I feel at ease

Mr. Fuzzy, my very spoiled cat, hates for me to leave him when I travel. It is much less traumatic for him to get daily visits in his own home. I feel at ease knowing that Sky and her caring associates are taking care of him.

Nancy - Burbank, CA

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